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Patrick Dalgety

Production & Technical Management

 Event & Venue Logistics

Sound, Lighting & AV design

Rigging and Stage Design

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Here's what I offer

and what I've done

With a dynamic background encompassing Production & Technical Management, Event & Venue Logistics, Rigging, Stage, Sound, Lighting, and AV Design, I bring a multifaceted skill set to the table.

My work is entirely based on collaboration with the folk I'm working with.


I'm the engineer and technician you can rely on for operating, programming, building and constructing physical staging structures, and creative sound, lighting and audio-visual interpretations and when required, designing them.


Theatre, dance, concerts, shows, festivals, conferences - my experience runs deep and wide. At the core, a level of old-fashioned showmanship combined with technology and a bit of smoke and mirrors.

I've honed my skills in coordinating and leading production teams, minding the budgets, and ensuring events go off with as few hitches as possible as, let’s be honest, something unexpected always crops up but it is how you deal with it that will ensure a successful performance/project. 

Curious to see the proof in the pudding? Explore my Experience and Skills and recent projects that showcase my experience. I'm excited to hear from you and discuss how I can contribute to your next production or project.

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